New Lower Price -- Was $179

This larger and more substantial anal plug is perfect for more advanced users. Weighing just 7 ounces, our Large BiPolar is easy to hold inside and since it's made of pure solid aluminum, polished to a mirror finish, it's made to last.

Other bipolars use a plastic body with adhesive foil strips, which tend to peel and cause premature failure and sharp edges to form. Ours is solid aluminum with nothing to wear out over years of use.

New Comfort Ring

We now include a soft and thick custom-cut latex rubber disc that provides an even more comfortable ride, especially for longer sessions. The rubber disc slips easily on and off (it stretches!) so you can try it both with and without the disc as desired.

The pigtail leads are easy to isolate for configurations requiring only the head or base electrode in circuit, or for advanced setups where each surface is paired for a different electrode located elsewhere -- just another way our electrodes are easier to use and more flexible.

Includes a pair of our Bananas to Pins adapters for use with TENS units having small 0.080" diameter pin leads and our complete line of ErosTek Power Units or other power units using 4mm banana plugs. A $15 value, included at no charge.


Overall Length:
4.20" (10.7 cm)
Head Length:
2.40" (6.1 cm)
Major Diameter:
1.55" (3.9 cm)
Minor Diameter:
0.60" (1.5 cm)
Insulator Width:
0.60" (1.5 cm)
7 oz (200 g)

Large BiPolar$149
includes comfort ring

Comfort Ring$10
black latex rubber (each)

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